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Advice on strength training

Before building your muscles at home, it's important to know which fitness appliances and weights you'll need and what exercises you'll be able to do with them, since strength training is a lot less effective without preparation. On this page, you'll read more about the various fitness products and fitness equipment you can use for strength training, and what exercises and tips you should know when doing so.


weight training

Setting up your own gym without any dumbbells or kettlebels? That won't work, of course, since using a dumbbell or kettlebell in a different way each time already adds variation to your workouts. The weight is important here. This varies between exercises and should be increased after a while if you want to increase your muscle mass.

Fitness benches and weight benches

fitness bench training

With a fitness bench or a weight bench, you'll emphasize working out your upper body. There are various benches you can train with. For more variation, a bench with an adjustable backrest is important, since it allows you to perform your exercises at an incline or decline in addition to flat.

Rowing machines

training with rowing machines

Rowing as strength training? Certainly, since you use no less than 84% of your muscle mass during rowing. When you perform the technique well, the muscles in your leg, back, abs, and arms get a considerable workout. Rowing machines differ mostly in the way they offer resistance, which partly decides how natural your rowing workout is.

Ab trainers

training with ab trainers

Getting a sixpack won't come easy: it requires hard work. Eating healthily is required, but in addition, you'll also need to work out your abs thoroughly. An ab trainer helps with this. They come in many shapes and sizes, and they activate your abs in different ways.

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