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Tips for making the best concert photo

You will soon be going to the concert of your favorite artist. Of course you want to shoot some nice images of that. How you do this best, you can read below. By following the 4 handy tips, that beautiful concert photo is soon closer than you think.

Tip 1: keep practicing and start small

start small

As with many things: practice makes perfect. By practicing a lot with photography at concerts, you will automatically become better at it. You gradually learn how to set up the camera best and what the best photo opportunities are. At a busy concert you do not always have the space to practice. Therefore start small and visit some concerts of novice bands or a small festival. That way you do not get in the way of anyone.

Tip 2: check the do's and don'ts

do's and don'ts

At a big concert it is usually not allowed to bring a large camera. So check before departure what is and is not allowed. This way you avoid disappointments. If you can take the camera with you, there are often other photography rules. For example, the use of a flash is usually not allowed. This is also not recommended because you lose a lot of atmosphere in this image.

Tip 3: photograph during unique moments

unique moment

Photographing during a concert means that you have to be very patient. Especially if you want to shoot a unique picture. Wait quietly until the artists are in the perfect place or do something special like a Mick Jagger move. Pay particular attention to the audience, there are usually beautiful pictures to shoot. The light also plays an important role. At the moment the light gets a special color and is well focused on the artists, you take the picture.

Tip 4: Adjust the exposure manually

manual exposure

The automatic mode does not always deliver the best picture. Especially not in a concert hall. Because of the dark room, your camera will quickly choose a high ISO value. And the higher this value, the more noise is created. Try to keep the ISO low by choosing a slow shutter speed and a large aperture. Only when the shutter speed is slow for unsharp images. Keep adjusting the lighting, during a concert the light often changes color and intensity.

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