Written by Vincent

How do I get the best possible Bluetooth connection with the Jaybird Run?

Does one of your Jaybird Run earphones regularly lose its Bluetooth connection, causing the sound to cut off? This article contains 5 tips to optimize the connection.

5 tips for an optimal Bluetooth connection

5 tips optimal Bluetooth connection Jaybird Run
  1. Reduce the distance between the right earpiece and your audio device, such as your smartphone or smartwatch. Carry the audio device within the 60 cm range of the caps.
  2. Wear the audio device on the right side of your body.
  3. Switch off the Bluetooth connection of your audio device for 10 seconds and switch it on again.
  4. Reset the right ear. When you reset the right instance, delete the list of devices that are linked to the earplugs.
  5. Avoid environments with mobile cell towers and busy Wi-Fi networks. These environments can disrupt the Bluetooth connection.

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