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This is how you maintain a Jura coffee machine

A Jura fully automatic machine is one of the most maintenance-friendly fully automatic machines, as it requires very little manual cleaning. Nevertheless, there are a number of steps you have to take to ensure the hygiene and the lifespan of the machine. In this article, we'll explain which parts to clean in which way, so that your Jura stays in top condition.

Which maintenance product is suitable for my Jura?

Maintenance product suitable for a Jura

Jura has specifically tailored its maintenance products to the materials of all components of the machine. That's why we recommend that you only use maintenance products from Jura's own brand. This way you'll know for sure that you won't damage the coffee machine. In addition, there's a chance that the warranty on the coffee machine will expire due to incorrect use of cleaning agents.

Note: a different water filter is suitable for each model. Therefore, check which water filter fits your Jura in the table below. All other Jura maintenance products are suitable for every device.

Which water filter is suitable for my Jura?

Water filter
Jura A series Jura Claris Blue water filter
Jura D series Jura Claris Smart water filter
Jura E series Jura Claris Smart water filter
Jura ENA series Jura Claris Smart Mini water filter
Jura WE series Jura Claris Pro Smart RFID water filter
Jura S series Jura Claris Smart water filter
Jura Z series Jura Claris Smart water filter

Keeping the machine lime-free

Keep Jura free of lime

With the special Claris Smart water filters you can easily keep your Jura machine lime-free. This water filter communicates with the coffee machine and ensures that limescale doesn't build up in the pipes. Make sure you always replace this water filter on time. The coffee machine automatically indicates when the filter needs to be replaced. On average this will be once every 3 months.

We recommend that you follow the step below:

  • You replace the water filter approximately once every 3 months.

Cleaning the brew group

Clean Jura brew group

You can easily clean the self-cleaning brew group with the automatic cleaning program. Compared to most other brands, you don't have to remove the brew group from a Jura. You put a tablet in the ground coffee compartment and you turn on the cleaning program.

We recommend that you follow the step below. The manual describes step by step how this works.

  • You clean the brew group once a week with the automatic program.

Cleaning the milk system

Clean the Jura milk system

To continue to enjoy good quality milk foam, you must regularly clean the milk system. For this you use the Jura milk system cleaner and the automatic cleaning program. This way, milk fats and proteins are removed throughout the system. In addition, Jura recommends replacing the milk tube approximately every 3 months.

We recommend that you follow the steps below:

  • Rinse the milk system after every use.
  • Detach and rinse the microfoam spout every week.
  • Clean the milk system every week using a cleaning agent.

Follow the instructions in the manual

You've received a manual with your coffee machine. This describes step by step which actions you perform to properly clean every part of your coffee machine.

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