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Tips for vlogging about music

Vlogging about music can be done in different ways. You can do this in the form of reviews, concert recordings, or in a video in which you show your own musical talents to the world. How you approach this and which camera + accessories you need for this, you can read in this article.

Tip 1. Buy the right camera

Vlog cameras

With a music vlog everything is about the quality of the sound. Therefore choose a camera with a connection for an external microphone. If you are planning to film yourself while singing or playing an instrument, it is useful to opt for a camera with a tripod socket. So you have your hands free to play the instrument or to focus on singing.

Tip 2. Choose the correct lens


If you decide to film with an SLR or system camera, you have a wide choice of lenses. A bright lens with a fixed focal length is recommended when recording music vlogs. By turning the diaphragm completely open, you ensure that a lot of light comes in. This is especially nice when you are filming in dark rooms such as a concert hall.

Tip 3. Go for good sound recordings

Microphones for cameras

Music is not music without sound. Get the best out of your camera with an external microphone. This allows you to make good sound recordings. A big advantage is that the audio is stored in the same file as the video. During editing the file can be split up so that you can edit the audio and video recordings separately.

Tip 4. Provide dynamic images


It is quite boring to watch the same picture for 2 minutes. The challenge is to play with different shots. Record the video several times from a different angle, both from afar (full shot) and close (close up). Place your camera on an adjustable tripod. Add these images together in the editing and switch them to the rhythm of the music. You will see that these effects make it much more fun to watch the video.

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