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My TomTom doesn't connect to GPS

Your TomTom uses GPS to determine your position, speed, distance traveled and route. Without GPS signal it is not possible to navigate from A to B. This is very inconvenient when, for example, you are on holiday in another country and have no idea of ​​the roads there. If your TomTom no longer connects to GPS, this can have various causes. In this article I explain which steps you follow to restore the connection.

No GPS signal

GPS is the abbreviation for Global Positioning System. Satellites are positioned around the globe. These satellites send a signal so that your TomTom determines your position. To connect to GPS, your navigation system must recognize at least 4 GPS satellites. As soon as only 3 satellites or less are recognized, your TomTom will give one of the following messages:

  • `Wait for usable GPS signal '. *` Poor GPS reception'.
  • Al [number] seconds no useful signal '.

What should you do if you do not find a TomTom no GPS signal?

Sometimes it takes a little longer for your TomTom to connect to GPS. This may be the case, especially during the first use. If you place your TomTom as close as possible (in a safe place) near the window, you also increase the chance of finding a GPS signal. Is your TomTom still indicating that it is not possible to connect to GPS? Then try the following:

** Reset TomTom or restore to factory settings **

Perform whether resetting your TomTom is working. Often your TomTom can connect to GPS after a reset. If this does not work, you can reset your TomTom to the factory settings. The disadvantage of this is that you have lost all your stored data. Read the following article if you want to reset your TomTom or restore it to factory settings:

** Update TomTom **

oldered software can also be a cause for your TomTom no longer receiving a GPS signal. Always make sure that your TomTom is completely up to date. In this article we explain how to update with MyDrive Connect:

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