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Advice on heart rate zones

Losing weight, improving your endurance, taking part in that one race; we all exercise with different goals. Which workout will give you the best result then? After all, you need a different training intensity for burning fat than for getting to the finish quicker. By working out in a heart rate zone, you can focus your training on your personal ambitions. A heart rate sensor is a great tool for this. Because this sensor continuously displays your heart rate, you'll know right away if you're exercising in the right zone.

Working out in different heart rate zones

Before you go on a run with a heart rate monitor, it's important to know in which heart rate zone you get the best results. There are 5 zones in total and each zone is suitable for a different purpose.

Zone 1: Recovery workout

Zone 1 is what you use during your recovery workout after running. You'll be running at a slow pace to let your body's muscles absorb oxygen better and get rid of waste products. This zone is also suitable for novice runners who want to slowly build up their endurance.

Zone 2: Losing weight by running

Exercise and weight loss, a combination that many people aim for. During running, you should to stay in zone 2 to improve fat burning. Contrary to what many people think, this doesn't mean you have to run fast.

Zone 3: Building endurance

Signed up for your first 10K run? You can improve your endurance by working out in zone 3. This average intensity improves your stamina and lets you run increasingly longer distances.

Zone 4: Performance-oriented workout

This high level of intensity is only suitable for runners who have some experience. In zone 4, you can improve your level of effort and endurance. In this zone, your muscles will get tired and suffer from lactic acid buildup. It's also recommended to stick to shorter sessions of no more than a few minutes and spread them out over the week.

Zone 5: Short sprints and high intensity

For many top atletes, it's interesting to occasionally train in zone 5. With short sprints, you can improve your cellular metabolism and develop more speed. You can't run for more than a few minutes in this zone.

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