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What type of ladder do I use for what job?

If you are doing jobs, it is important that you have the right tools. That also applies to your ladder. You do not have enough of a household ladder to get on your roof, but a reform ladder is no longer necessary to reach into your pantry. Here we give you an overview of different jobs and which type of ladder fits. So you easily choose the kind of ladder you need.

1. Double staircase

Double stairs

You climb a double staircase from both sides. A small double staircase is mainly used as a step. The larger versions also let you do jobs in and around the house and even up to the roof gutter. A double staircase is especially useful if you want to lift or confirm something with someone. You are both on one side of the stairs.

** Pros of the double staircase **

  • Often suitable for professional use
  • Double walk-in
  • Free use

** Cons of the double staircase **

  • Usually no tool box for accessories

2. Household ladder

Step ladders

A household staircase is very useful for various jobs in and around the house. Think of cleaning your kitchen, hanging lamps or cleaning windows. In addition, you can also use it as a step. It is therefore not surprising that this type of staircase can be found in most households.

** Pros of the household staircase **

  • DIY in and around the house
  • Easy storage
  • Free-standing use

** Cons of the household staircase **

  • Usually no toolbox for accessories

3. Reform ladder

Combination ladders

You can fold a reform ladder into different positions. You use it as a straight ladder, a double walk-in staircase or in the A-position. Because of the possible forms and the diversity in working heights, this type of ladder can be used for many jobs. Think for example of painting your window frames or doing chores at roof height.

** Pros of the spawning ladder **

  • Versatile use
  • Easy to create more height

** Cons of the spawning ladder **

  • Can not be stored compactly

4. Sliding ladder

Sliding ladders

A sliding ladder or push-up ladder consists of several straight ladders in one construction. If you need more length than the retracted version offers, you can slide one part over the other. You use a sliding ladder to reach greater heights, such as when you are going to empty your gutter or have to inspect your roof.

** Pros of the sliding ladder **

  • Work at roof height
  • Often suitable for professional use
  • Simple create more height

** Minus of the sliding ladder **

  • Can not be stored compactly

5. Telescopic ladder

Telescopic ladder

The great advantage of a telescopic ladder or telescopic ladder is the compact storage length. It fits easily into your shed or van, but you are assured of enough working height. You use this type of ladder for both work around the house and for doing it at roof height.

** Pros of the telescopic ladder **

  • Various outdoor jobs
  • Compact storage
  • Often suitable for professional use

** Cons of the telescope ladder **

  • Can not be used freestanding

6. Folding ladder

Folding ladder

Folding a folding ladder in the shape you need for your job. For example, you use it in freestanding stand with platform to prune your tree. In addition, you also use it as a straight ladder for emptying your gutter, for example. Even on unequal levels, such as with an increase on one side, it comes in handy.

** Pros of the folding ladder **

  • Versatile use
  • Compact storage
  • Free-standing use

** Negative points of the folding ladder **

  • Not suitable for large heights

7. Scaffolding


A jetty is a construction that you use for a long time. You are standing on a platform and have your hands free for, for example, painting your ceiling or for renovating the façade. If your jetty is not yet high enough, you can extend it with modules that provide you with extra working height.

** Pros of the scaffolding **

  • Large heights accessible
  • Moving space at height
  • For long-term use

** Cons of the scaffolding **

  • Construction and dismantling

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