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How does a washing machine subscription work?

You can rent a washing machine for a fixed amount per month. This way, you don't have to pay a large amount at once and you're more flexible. When you order your subscription, you can choose a delivery date. You'll also have to fill out a test. You can read more about how to lease a washing machine.

Lease a washing machine

Washing machine subscription

How to lease a washing machine:

  • Step 1: select a washing machine subscription
  • Step 2: choose the desired delivery date
  • Step 3: do your laundry without unexpected costs

Step 1: select a subscription

Washing machine subscription

Choose the washing machine subscription that suits you. Order the subscription using the button on the product page. Before you lease a washing machine, you'll automatically fill out a test. This way, we know whether you can complete the monthly payments. We don't store your personal information and we'll only record whether you've passed the test. This information remains within Coolblue.

Step 2: choose the desired delivery date

Washing machine delivery

If you pass the test, you'll proceed to payment. With the first payment, you pay one-time costs for your subscription. After that, we debit a fixed amount every month. The first payment is always higher, because you pay for the current and next month. You can choose the desired delivery date when you complete your order. We'll deliver, place, and connect the washing machine for free. You have a 30-day withdrawal period. If you're not happy with the product in this period, we'll pick it up again for free.

Step 3: do your laundry without unexpected costs

Coolblue subscription

If you have a washing machine subscription, you won't face unexpected costs. If you're moving, we'll move the washing machine with you for free. Did the washing machine break? Send an email to and we'll repair or exchange the machine within 48 hours. The subscription runs for at least 1 year. After this, it can be canceled monthly, and the washing machine remains the property of Coolblue. To purchase the washing machine after 12 months, please contact our Customer Service. They'll offer you a non-binding purchase option on request.

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