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What is crossfit?

Crossfit. You've probably heard of it, but what exactly is it? What does such a workout look like and is Crossfit something for you? I explain below what Crossfit is, which forms of training are used at Crossfit and for whom Crossfit is.

What is Crossfit?

What is crossfit?

Crossfit is a combination of weight lifting, gymnastics and "calisthenics"; a form of training in which you use your own body weight as resistance. During a Crossfit training you exchange exercises from weightlifting, gymnastics and calisthenics. The exercises together then form one training. In the training you work with achieving goals within certain times. For example, you do an x ​​number of repetitions of an exercise within a certain time. Or make an x ​​number of repetitions with as heavy a weight as possible. You mainly practice Crossfit in a Crossfit box. That is a gym focused on Crossfit. In addition, some gyms also have a Crossfit zone and of course Crossfit you also just at home when you have the material for this.

Who is Crossfit for?

Who is crossfit for?

Crossfit is for everyone who wants to train varied. With weight lifting or gymnastics only, you focus on one particular type of muscle, because you train or very concentrated or very explosive. At Crossfit you focus on developing multiple forms of muscle because these forms of training come together. You also work on your mobility, flexibility, fitness and muscle strength at the same time.

Training forms at Crossfit

Training types crossfit

Several forms of training are used at Crossfit. Because you create a workout from multiple types of training, there are many possibilities to vary in exercises and training. Every Crossfit training is therefore different. Below I briefly explain the possibilities within Crossfit. ** Weight Lifting **

Weight says it all: you start with weights during this workout. During these trainings you mainly use dumbbells and weight plates.

** WOD **

A WOD within Crossfit is a Workout Of the Day. Every day this workout is different, which makes for a varied way of training.

** Mobility **

Mobility stands for a mobility training. During this training you work on the extent to which your joints can move. By working on your mobility you train your joints to move in multiple directions. This improves the movements you make during your Crossfit training and ultimately your performance. Often a Mobility training is used as a warm-up within Crossfit.

** Gymnastics **

Gymnastics within Crossfit are workouts where gymnastic exercises are performed such as rope climbing, push-ups, handstands and pull-ups. In pull-ups you pull yourself up on a bar and you end up in a position with stretched arms where your body is halfway above the bar. Here you train your balance, your coordination, endurance, strength and your speed.

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