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What's the freeze quality of a freezer?

A freezer with good freezing quality preserves your food in the best way possible. A top-notch freezer keeps your groceries fresh for a longer period of time, and it preservers flavors and vitamins. We distinguish between 3 classes for freezers: top-notch, mid-range, and basic.

This is how we determine freezing quality

When determining the build quality of a freezer, we keep the following specifications in mind:

  • Inverter compressor: Thanks to minimal temperature fluctuations, your food stays fresh longer.
  • Anti-ice buildup: without ice crystals on them, your products retain their taste and structure.
  • Super freeze: by freezing products extra fast, they contain their taste and vitamins.
  • Digital temperature control: you can store food for longer periods of time at a temperature of -18°C.
  • Minimal ambient temperature: the lower the ambient temperature, the more suitable the freezer is to place in your shed. Signal after power outage: the alarm signal tells you to check if the food in your freezer is still fresh.
  • Freezing within 24 hours: freeze a lot of food without warming up the inner space.
  • Long storage time in case of power outage: your food will stay good longer in case of a power outage.

Top-notch freeze quality

Top-notch freezer

Only the best for you? Go for a freezer with top-notch freezing quality. A top-notch freezer has a minimum of 70% of the most important specifications when it comes to freezing quality. A freezer with top-notch freezing quality has an inverter compressor that ensures a stable freezing temperature. A top-notch freezer also has a No Frost function to prevent ice crystals. This makes even frozen strawberry's taste good. In a top-notch model, you can store your food extra long, since you can set the freezer at the ideal freezing temperature of -18 degrees Celsius.

Mid-range freezing quality

Mid-range freezer

Are you going for a mid-range freezer? Then at least half of the specifications listed above are present. The main difference between a mid-range and top-notch freezer, is that a mid-range freezer usually has no inverter compressor. This makes the digitally set temperature to be slightly less stable. A mid-range freezer does have a No Frost or Low Frost function. Your blueberries won't be subjected to freezer burn. A mid-range freezer doesn't have this feature.

Basic freeze quality

Basic freezer

Basic freezers have less than half of the specifications listed above. This compromises the freezing quality, but that's not a problem if you mainly store frozen pizza's. The advantage of a basic freezer is that it's cheaper. A basic freezer usually has a dial that allows you to set the freezing power. This means you can't select a specific temperature.

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