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What is the Apple Smart Battery Case?

The Apple Smart Battery Case is a phone case with integrated battery. With the Apple Smart Battery Case you can extend the battery life of your iPhone and at the same time protect it against drops and scratches. You can read here why it is a good idea to purchase a phone case with an integrated battery.

Integrated battery

Integrated battery Smart Battery Case

What makes this phone case so special is the integrated battery. The Smart Battery Case was previously for iPhone 6, among others, but the design and the bump on the back have become slightly more refined. The battery is better concealed in the case. Although there is of course still a sort of 'hump' at the back where the battery is located.

Protects your iPhone

Apple Smart Battery Case White

The Smart Battery Case protects my iPhone. The soft microfibers on the inside protect my device against scratches. On the outside, the silicone finish ensures that the iPhone feels pleasant in my hand. In addition, it offers the necessary grip so that the device does not slip out of my hand. Thanks to the hinge of soft elastomer, I simply place the iPhone in the case and I can easily take it out again. So I don't have to worry that the case will damage my device.

Charge Smart Battery case

Charge Smart Battery case

Before I enjoy the long battery life, first charge the case. I connect the Lightning to USB cable from iPhone to the Lightning connector of the Battery Case. I connect the other end to the mains adapter and the socket. I use an 18 watt or higher adapter. When the case loads, I see an orange light. Does the light turn green? Then the case is charged. I can also charge the case while my iPhone is in the case. Then the iPhone and the case charge simultaneously.

Check charging status

Smart Battery Case charging status

I slide my iPhone into the cover from top to bottom. I also remove it from the top. Is iPhone in the case? Then I check the new charging status on the access screen (photo left). The status is also displayed when I connect the case to a power source or when I disconnect the case from a power source. Is my iPhone in the case? Then I check the smart charging status in the day view on my iPhone (photo on the right).

Support for wireless charging

Smart Battery Case wireless charging

For the first time, the Smart Battery Case has now also received support for Qi wireless charging. That means that I charge the case - and therefore also my iPhone - with a Qi charger. Incidentally, the case can be charged even faster with chargers that are suitable for USB pd (USB power delivery). Thanks to wireless charging, I only have to put my iPhone with the cover around it on a wireless charger and then charge it at the same time.


The Smart Battery Case is intended for anyone who does not think the battery life of iPhone is enough. Do you always carry a power bank? Or are you regularly desperate for a socket in the train? Then this case is suitable for you. First, the case offers protection for your iPhone. In addition, the integrated battery ensures that you extend the battery life of iPhone. For example, iPhone Xs first had a talk time of 20 hours, but with a Smart Battery Case up to 33 hours.

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