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Which microwave function do I need for which dish?

Every microwave oven has a microwave function. This warms up your ready-made meals or liquids. A combi microwave oven also has oven functions, such as top and bottom heat and hot air. Top and bottom heat is for making an apple pie and with the hot air function you prepare a lasagna. Read which microwave function is suitable for which dish.

Ready-made meals and liquid


With a microwave function you can warm up a ready-made meal, soup or chocolate milk. Also prepare leftovers and baby milk with the function that is present on each microwave oven: the microwave function.

Casserole and lasagne


Do you regularly make an oven dish or a lasagna, then you need a microwave oven with a hot air function. This way you prevent hard pieces of lasagne sheets in the lasagne. The hot air circulates through the oven through a fan.

Frozen pizza

To prepare a frozen pizza, look for a microwave oven with a pizza stand. A pizza stand in the oven provides extra heat from the bottom. The grill creates a crispy crust. This way your pizza is crunchy and cooked. With only a hot air function only the top, but not the bottom.

Cake and cakes

For baking a tasty apple pie or cake you need top and bottom heat. With the uniform heating at the top and bottom of your pastry, it cooks and rises evenly.

Oven fries

To make really crunchy oven fries, you need a microwave oven with a crisp function and crisp plate. You put the fries on the crisp plate that absorbs the heat from the microwaves. This creates a crunchy bottom. The grill that is on at the same time provides a crispy top. A microwave with crisp function is also suitable for preparing pizza or breaded fish.

Steamed vegetables

To steam vegetables, you need a microwave oven with a steam function. In principle, you can steam in any microwave oven if you have a steam bowl, but microwave ovens with a steam function will get them included. You fill the steam bowl with water and the heating creates steam. Sometimes a microwave oven has a separate steam reservoir. You do not need a steam tray.

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