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Which bike bag do I need?

Bike bags come in many different models and sizes. The most used type of bike bag is the rack bag. You can easily attach this bag to your bike rear rack and it has room for a lot of stuff. Which bike bag suits you most depends on the activity that you want to use the bag for, and the (weather) conditions in which you're going to use the bag.


Groceries bike bag

Do you regularly do your groceries by bike? And do you want to be able to easily transport these groceries back home? If so, a rack bag is perfect for you. This bag is on the back of your bike, at your bike rear rack. You can choose for a single bike bag or a double bike bag. The advantage of a double bike bag is that you can use it to transport loads of groceries at once. Moreover, you only have to attach the bag to your bike once. An advantage of the single bag is that you can use most of these bags as a shopper as well. You can easily attach and remove the bag. This means you can put your groceries in the bag while you're still in the store, after which you simply attach the bag to the bike and ride home.


Are you going to school or your work by bike? And you'd rather not carry your bag on your back or hang it over your shoulder? A bike bag is useful for you. You can choose from two types of bike bags. Firstly, there is a bike bag that's attached to your bike rear rack. You can use this to store a school or office bag. You can also choose from a bike bag that's a shoulder bag at the same time. You can put your stuff in the bag, after which you easily attach and remove it from the bike rear rack.

Bike rides and bike holidays

Bike bags trips and vacations

Are you going to make a long bike ride? You'll need one or more bike bags to take your things with you. Use a rack bag or a front bag to transport most of your things. You can attach these bags to the bike rear rack or to the front wheel. Do you have a lot of things? Opt for a slightly larger size bike bag, or for a rack bag as well as a front bag. Are you going to bike through a city that often experiences rain? Opt for a waterproof bike bag, so your things stay dry. On top of that, it's handy to use a handlebar bag, frame bag, and/or saddle bag to store some smaller things. The advantage of a handlebar bag is that you can easily reach it while biking. A frame bag is only suitable for men's bikes.

Do you like going on a bike holiday? Similar to when you're making a long bike ride, you'll need different bike bags. Are you going on a large holiday and do you need to transport more things? Opt for a top bag. This is a travel, weekend, or sports bag that you can easily attach to and remove from the top of your bike rear rack.

What kind of attachment do you need?

Bike bags have different attachment systems. The biggest difference is whether the bike bag is attached to the bike, or whether it can easily be attached and removed. Double bike bags are often attached to the bike rear rack and you can leave them there. Single bike bags usually have a click system. The bag stays put while biking, and can easily be removed afterwards. It's particularly useful on a city trip or bike holiday to be able to quickly attach or remove the bag. When you're doing groceries or biking to school or work, you can choose both options, depending on whether you want to use the bag as a shoulder bag as well. Smaller bags, such as a handlebar bag, frame bag, or saddle bag are usually attached with a click system or velcro.

Waterproof or splash proof?

A splash proof product has a special seal that keeps water from getting in the bag. The product is protected from splashing water and rain and can also be cleaned with a damp cloth. A waterproof bike bag can withstand a huge rain shower and has a waterproof closure as well as waterproof material.

Bike bag, bike basket, or bike crate?

Bike bag, bike basket, or bike crate

Are you looking for something other than a bike bag to take your things with you? Opt for a bike basket or a bike crate. You can attach these to the front of your bike. An advantage of a basket or a crate is that you have a lot of space, and you can easily put your bag in them. A disadvantage is that you can't close the basket or crate, and they're not waterproof. To be able to attach your basket or crate, you're going to need a front carrier.

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