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Working out with the Apple Watch Series 3

The Apple Watch Series 3 isn't just a nice gadget, it's a great workout buddy. I'm going to exercise for a week with Apple Watch 3 to see what it can do.

During fitness


In the gym, I use Apple's own work-out app. I open the 'steps' workout. Before I start, I first set a goal for myself: burning 300 calories. I start the workout and start stepping. Meanwhile, I connect my Bluetooth earbuds. I can swipe to the next song in the mini player. As soon as I lift my wrist, the display automatically lights up. That way, I can check how long I have to go. When I'm at 300 calories, the Apple Watch gives me a sign. Target achieved!

Before swimming


In my week of workouts with the Apple Watch 3, I have to include swimming. The watch is waterproof up to 50 meters. I navigate to the nearest swimming pool on the Apple Watch 3. Before I dive into the water, I open Apple's work-out app. I'm not a swimming enthusiast, so I plan an easy session. I set the length of the pool: 25 meters. Apple can then calculate how many lanes I swim. 500 meters total, that should be doable. I start the training and jump in the water.

After swimming

My display automatically locks in the water. When I'm halfway, I have a little break. I lean on the edge of the pool. The Apple Watch recognizes that I'm resting automatically, so I don't have to pause the watch. After swimming another 250 meters, I get out of the water. I dry the Apple Watch and turn the Digital Crown until the Apple Watch beeps. This removes the water from the speaker. I look at the statistics on the Apple Watch before I leave.

Before cycling


That's enough indoor workouts, today I'm going outside. Before I step on the bike, I prepare the Apple Watch for the bike ride. I use the Strava app. I installed this app for free from my iPhone. The setup takes less than 2 minutes. And that's good, because my colleagues are waiting for me outside. I leave my iPhone at home; I don't need it. Now I have space for that extra oatmeal bar.

During cycling

I hear the famous Strava voice say "Activity started". Here we go. I kind of want to look at my progress every minute. Strava clearly shows my time, distance, speed, and heart rate. My colleagues are also interested. "How long have we been cycling? What is your heart rate now?" Thanks to the Watch, I know my pace and I know exactly how much energy to save for the last part. Something my colleagues are struggling with. Good thing I brought that oatmeal bar.

During running


Even though I'm still sore from cycling, I'm going to run today. The Apple Watch is more comfortable than my iPhone's running belt that I normally take with me. Every kilometer, the Strava voice tells me how fast I'm walking. Now, I don't always have to look myself. I do keep checking my heart rate. When I get home, I stop the workout and place Apple Watch next to my iPhone. My entire activity is synchronized with Strava on my iPhone.


After a week of working out with the Apple Watch 3, I don't want to give it back. In the gym, the Apple Watch is fun, but not a necessity. After all, the fitness equipment also keeps track of how much I burn and what distance I travel. But during workouts outside or in the pool, the Apple Watch 3 really is a great workout buddy. I can leave my iPhone's running belt at home.

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