Split air conditioners

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Split air conditioners consist of 2 split air conditioning units, namely an indoor and outdoor unit. Depending on the space you want to cool, you choose more or less BTU. BTU stands for British Thermal Unit, also the cooling capacity of your fixed air conditioning at home. The higher the number of BTUs, the larger the room can be for cooling. In addition to cooling, a split unit air conditioning also has a ventilation, dehumidification and (additional) heating function. You benefit from an air conditioning split unit in your home or office throughout the year. When purchasing, make sure that the split air conditioner is installed or not.

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  • Maximum space: 85 m3
  • Maximum cooling capacity (BTU): 11500 BTU
  • Dehumidification per day: 27 l
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  • Maximum space: 145 m3
  • Maximum cooling capacity (BTU): 18500 BTU
  • Dehumidification per day: 49 l
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  • Maximum space: 100 m3
  • Dehumidification per day: 31 l
  • Number of settings: 3
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  • Maximum space: 150 m3
  • Dehumidification per day: 43 l
  • Number of settings: 3
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