Smoker barbecues

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A smoker BBQ is inspired by the American barbecue culture and is used to smoke, grill, and barbecue. You won't need to worry about your meat while it's on the smoker. When you smoke your meat, it cooks less quickly which means the outsides won't dry out as much, making your meat more tender than when you grill it using hot charcoal. On top of that, the indirect grilling process is healthy and tasty, thanks to the delicious smoke flavor.

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  • Barbecue type: Charcoal barbecue, Smoker barbecue
  • Maximum number of people: Meer dan 16 personen
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  • Barbecue type: Charcoal barbecue, Smoker, Smoker barbecue
  • Maximum number of people: 11 - 12 personen
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