Minimum 2-year warranty

We offer a warranty of at least 2 years for manufacturing defects on all our products. Have a look at the product page to see exactly how long this term is for your product.

In short, this means that, in case of normal use, your product cannot break within 2 years. If it does, we'll repair or replace your product for free. You can find your warranty type on the product page.

  • Carry-in warranty: we ask you to ship the defective product back to us. In this case, the product will be repaired by Coolblue or by an external repair service. We'll visit you to pick up big products.
  • On-site warranty: the manufacturer will have the product repaired at your home. You won't have to ship the product.
  • Note: a number of conditions apply to repairs or replacement under this warranty. Did you buy your product over 2 years ago? Or did your product break due to falling, pressure, impact, or moisture damage? We're happy to fix it for you, but in most cases the repairs won't be covered by Coolblue's warranty. In this case we'll charge you for the repairs. Read more about the repair process.

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