Oh no! Report this to our customer service. We can help you 7 days a week and will make sure you receive the correct order as quickly as possible.

Fill out the online return form within 30 days and clearly state which parts are missing. Don't forget to add the serial number. Also state which of these two solutions you prefer:

  • __Backorder the missing part. __ In most cases, the missing part will be delivered within 2 weeks. If we can't backorder the part, we'll contact you and exchange the product for you after all.
  • A new product . You'll receive your new product one day after we've received your return.

You can contact our customer service. We're happy to look at the situation and find a solution together.

We'll solve it for you, of course. Fill out the return form within 30 days. You can indicate that you want a replacement product. You can also return your product in one of our stores. Make sure to indicate that your product was delivered damaged and what your desired solution is.

We'll pick up large and heavy products. Returns are free in all cases.

Oh no! We advise you to reread the manual first. Maybe you can solve the problem on your own, so you can start using your product right away and won't have to return it. For many products, you can download the manual via the product page. You can find this by going to My orders in your My Coolblue account and clicking the product.

Didn't work? Register your product to be returned within 30 days via the return form or visit one of our stores. You can choose to get your money back or to receive a new product. You can help us by letting us know what's wrong with the product, so we can improve our assortment.

Delivery via bpost
Do you have a bpost account? You can indicate your delivery preferences yourself if you're not at home. Bpost will deliver your package where you want it. If you don't have a bpost account, the delivery driver will choose whether they're going to deliver to your neighbor, in a safe place, or at a bpost pickup point. You'll receive an email from bpost and a note in your box with the location of your package.

Delivery via PostNL
The delivery driver delivers your package to the neighbors. If they can't, they'll try again the next day (except Sunday). You can also choose a different delivery time via PostNL.be.

Delivery via CoolblueBezorgt
We call you to make sure that you really aren't at home. And to ask if we can deliver your order to your neighbors. If not, we'll take your order back and you'll receive an email from us to choose a new delivery time.

Track your order by using the Track & Trace code in your confirmation email. Did you receive a shipping confirmation, but is your Track and Trace code not working? It usually only works on the day your order is going to be delivered. Is the code still not working on that day? It's best to contact our customer service.

Check the following:

1. The Track & Trace code of the package_ You can find it in the shipping confirmation. Make sure the time slot of the delivery hasn't changed.

2. The delivery address Is the address you entered correct? Check the postal code as well.

3. The mailbox Did you receive a notification from one of our delivery partners (Bpost, Post NL of Dynalogic)? You can find out where your package is on there.

4. Your email Due to the large amount of traffic at bpost, your package may arrive a little later than usual. We will keep you informed of any delays by email.

Is this all correct, but you still haven't received a package? Please wait a little longer. A delayed package is almost always delivered within 5 days. Still haven't received your package 5 days after your original delivery date? Please contact our Customer Service.

Check the following:

- The Track & Trace code You can find this in your shipping confirmation. Check this link to see if the delivery time has changed.

- The delivery address

- The mailbox Did you miss the delivery? There will be a note in your mailbox. The package will be delivered to your neighbors' house or the deliver driver will try again.

Didn't receive a package? Due to Black Friday, we expect many national delays with our carriers. Usually, a delayed package is delivered the next day, so wait a little longer. Didn't receive your package 5 days after your original delivery day? Please contact our Customer Service. Via your Track and Trace, you have the most current information about your delivery time.

It's a bummer that your package is delayed. Keep an eye on your Track & Trace, you'll always find the most up-to-date delivery information. Usually, they arrive the next day. Didn't receive your package 5 days after your original delivery day? Please contact our Customer Service.

Wait a little longer. Your order will probably be delivered in several packages and one has been delayed at bpost. You can check this at the bottom of your Track & Trace page on the PostNL website. There, you can see the status of all your packages.

Was part of your order delivered via CoolblueBezorgt or CoolblueFietst? Or are you missing part of your product? Please contact our customer service.

That depends on whether we've already shipped your order or not. Please contact our customer service. We'll check if we can change the address of your package.

Delivery via bpost
Did you already receive an email stating that your package will be sent with bpost? Unfortunately, it's too late to change your address. You can still choose to have your package delivered to a bpost point or parcel locker instead of an incorrect address at the last minute. You can do this by adjusting your delivery preferences in your bpost account or via the My bpost app. Note: you can only apply this trick if the postal worker hasn't started his round yet.

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