You can find it on our sale page.

Yes, we will. If the product is in stock, you can take it home right away. Do you want to make sure the product is in stock in the store? Reserve your sale product online. You’ll be able to pick it up the next day.

If you order before 23:59 today, your package will be delivered for free tomorrow. Do you want it even faster? If the product is in stock, you can pick it up today in one of our stores.

Sorry, you just missed it. Click the "Keep me informed" button, which is the fastest way to know when the deal is back. If your product is back in stock after the sale ends, you can no longer use the discount.

Our stores only carry products that you can easily take home on your bike or in your car. Large products, such as washing machines and TV over 65 inches, will be delivered to you.

Yes, you can pay with EcoCheques for a selection of environmentally-friendly products. On the product page of your sale deal, you can see if you can pay for the product with EcoCheques. There will be an EcoCheques label with a green leaf. Sale deals that don't have the label can't be paid for with EcoCheques.

The sale will run from 4 January 2021 to 14 February 2021. Also at Coolblue!

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