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Did you use a gift card but do you want to return the product or cancel your order? We'll refund the value of your gift card as shop credit. Only our Customer Service can redeem shop credit. Contact us if you want to order something using your shop credit.

Got a birthday coming up? Or a different celebration? Surprise the party animal with a Coolblue gift card. You can add various amounts to the gift card, and it can be used as a payment method for all our products. Check out our gift cards online or in store.

Oh no, your voucher doesn't work. Most vouchers have an expiration date, and some even have a minimum order amount. You can't use vouchers after the expiration date or if the value of the order doesn't meet the minimum order amount. You can find the expiration date and the minimum order amount in the email containing your voucher code. What if your voucher should work, but the error notification still pops up? Contact us.

Your code is valid until the mentioned expiration date. You can find the expiration date in the email with the voucher code or on the gift card. This date can't be extended.

Don't remember the remaining amount on your gift card? Contact us. We can see the amount by looking at the code on your gift card.

Did you receive a Coolblue gift card or voucher? Paying is easy. Click "Redeem gift card" when selecting a payment method, or in the overview. Enter your gift card number there. If you have multiple gift cards, you can add them one by one. You can use every voucher code just once. You can also use the gift card in one of our stores. Does your gift card have a higher value than the products you want to purchase? In that case, the residual value will become void. Want to delete your discount code? Click the cross behind the code.

Unfortunately, it's not possible to redeem a discount code or gift card after you've placed an order. If the package hasn't left our warehouse yet, you can cancel the order in the order overview in My Coolblue and order again using the discount code. You can also use the discount code or gift card with your next order.

Yes, those are our gift card conditions. They state that your gift card is valid for 1 year, so you'll have to redeem it within that time. It's not possible to extend your gift card.

You can pay with EcoCheques in our Belgian stores. We accept both paper versions of Edenred, and Sodexo, as well as electronic versions of Edenred, Sodexo, and Monizze. Large products (such as washing machines, fridges, freezers, and dishwashers) can be ordered in a Coolblue store and paid for with EcoCheques. We'll plan a free delivery appointment right away as well. You can place small EcoCheque products (such as smart lights or thermostats) in your online shopping cart. Choose the option 'Pick up in a Coolblue store'. Pick up the product and pay for it with your EcoCheques. Does the price of your order exceed the value of your EcoCheques? You can pay the additional amount with cash or bank card. Go to our EcoCheque page for more information.

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