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If you place an order subject to VAT as a Belgian customer and have it delivered in Belgium, it will be delivered with a 0% VAT charge. This is called an intra-Community delivery, and is legally mandated under current laws and regulations. Why? Because the products are shipped from our warehouses in the Netherlands.

This transaction takes place between 2 VAT-liable companies. That means the order is registered to a Belgian, VAT-liable, registered company. You have to provide a valid VAT number when you place an order. This VAT number belongs to a company that's registered at the Kruispuntbank van Ondernemingen (KB). The invoice and delivery address of the first order have to be the same as the address of the company that's registered at the KBO or VIES. That means you can't have your first order shipped to a store or postal point.

Check the following:

  1. Did you supply the right information during your KBO registration? We do checks based on that information.
  2. Did you fill out the correct VAT number?
  3. Did you register the correct addresses at the KBO under this VAT number?

Is something wrong? Change the incorrect information directly at the KBO, or simply order with VAT. Is all the information correct? We recommend that you check your information at the KBO, since we base our checks on that information. Sometimes, the information at the KBO isn't up to date. Contact the organization if that's the case, and provide us with the official proof of the address change.

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