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Oh no! Report this to our customer service. We can help you 7 days a week and will make sure you receive the correct order as quickly as possible.

You don't have to cancel your return. Your return automatically expires if you don't ship it within 14 days after registration. Want to change your return? Please contact our Customer Service.

Fill out the online return form within 30 days and clearly state which parts are missing. Don't forget to add the serial number. Also state which of these two solutions you prefer:

  • __Backorder the missing part. __ In most cases, the missing part will be delivered within 2 weeks. If we can't backorder the part, we'll contact you and exchange the product for you after all.
  • A new product . You'll receive your new product one day after we've received your return.

Hell yes. You can return all products from your order separately. You can indicate which product you want to return in the online return form.

Your product likely wasn't returned in its original condition. In that case, we determine what the depreciation is based on the state of the product. The maximum depreciation is 25%.

The final amount you receive is determined by two things:

  1. The depreciation of the product. That's based on three factors:
  • damage to the product;
  • damage to the packaging;
  • completeness of the product.
  1. The costs that we have to make to resell the product. Think of taking clear photos and writing a good description. These costs are € 7.50 and are deducted along with the depreciation.

If your product doesn't break through your own fault and within 30 days of purchase, you'll simply receive a new one. Did your product break after 30 days? We'll repair your product.

You can easily register your return via the online return form.

Almost always. But it does depend on the condition of your product, of course. To get the full purchase amount back, it's important for you to return the product in its original condition and without damage. That way, we can make someone else happy with this product.

Otherwise, we'll have to determine the depreciation based on the condition of your product.

You can inspect the product as you would do in the store. Example: you can take a pan out of the box and look at it from all sides, but you can't cook with it.

You can return your Second Chance product within the 30-day satisfaction guarantee. The product should be in the same condition as when you received it. Did your product break after 30 days? We'll simply offer you the 2 year warranty that you're used to.

You can easily register your return via the online return form.

You can return your product within 30 days. Returning a product paid for with EcoCheques? We won't refund you in money, but give you shop credit. Use it to purchase the same, or a different, EcoCheque product. Only our Customer Service can redeem shop credit. Contact us if you want to order something, or to redeem the amount.

You can register your return within 30 days of receiving the product. After that, you'll have another 14 days to return your product for free. You have 2 options:

  • Exchange your product for a new one for free;
  • Return your product for free and get a refund.

To get the full purchase amount back, it's important to return your product in its original condition and make sure it's undamaged. Handle the product as you would do in the store.

You can indicate your choice in the [online return form] ( After 30 days, we'll repair your product and the above options no longer apply.

You probably understand that you can't return the following products:

  • Software with a broken seal. That means you can't return the latest FIFA after you've installed it and played a quick match.
  • Vouchers, gift cards, or store credit. Even if you haven't used it yet.
  • Cartridges and toners with the protection and foil removed.

We can't refund you for services performed by postal workers or installers either. These include:

  • Installation and build-in costs.
  • Redeemed vouchers for build-in and/or installation.
  • Costs for special shipping options like Coolblue VandaagNog® and time slot delivery.

Yes, we do ask you to register your product online via our return form. You can also return your product via bpost points that are open.

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