Duration and status of repair

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That differs per product and problem. We'll send you an update about your repair at least once a week. If the repair is completed earlier, we'll let you know right away. You can also follow the status of your repair via My Coolblue.

  • You'll receive a new product if the repair costs exceed the value of the product.
  • You'll receive shop credit when your product is no longer in the assortment or if it's temporarily sold out. You can redeem your shop credit by contacting our Customer Service

You can follow the status of your repair via My Coolblue. We'll also keep you informed via email at least once a week.

You'll receive a quote via email if the repair service has determined that the defect was caused by user damage or if the warranty has expired. You can choose from 3 options:

  1. You agree to the quote. The product will be repaired.
  2. You don't agree to the quote, but you do want your product back. You'll have to pay €39,95 in research costs and you'll receive your product back.
  3. You don't agree to the quote and don't want the product back. You won't have to pay research costs, and the product will be destroyed in an environmentally friendly way.

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