158cm high fridge freezer combinations

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A built-in fridge-freezer combination of 158 cm high, you work neatly away in a niche in your kitchen. Then you place a separate front panel that is the same as the panels on the rest of the kitchen. This makes your kitchen 1 whole. Are you looking for a 158 cm high fridge-freezer? Then pay attention to the type of door hinge system. We always recommend that you take the same type of door hinge as you have now.

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  • Height: 157 cm
  • Energy label: A+
  • Anti-ice build-up: No (defrost 6 times a year)
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  • Height: 157,8 cm
  • Energy label: A++
  • Anti-ice build-up: Low Frost (defrost twice a year)
Delivered tomorrow

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