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Actually, it's very easy.
Coolblue started out as a group of friends... and we're still a group of friends. But one of professionals with an obsessive focus on customer satisfaction That attracts ambitious, enterprising people. We welcome many new colleagues every year. One thing becomes very important: for everyone to embrace our culture, understand our business and carry out our concept. Simply amaze. Based on 4 core values: unconventional, friends, flexible and go for it.

Our secret is a unique company culture. Started out as a group of friends, and we're still a group of friends, but one made up of professionals. This attracts ambitious, enterprising people. Proud and helpful. Self-critical, progressive, friendly, customer-oriented.

We grow fast, really fast. We welcome many new colleagues every year. This means one thing becomes very important, and that is that everyone embraces our culture, understands our company and can convey our message.

When you grow, Big Questions grow as well. Where are we going? Who are we? What are we doing this for? If you ask only a few, you may get the same answer. If you ask many, getting one answer is more difficult. But actually it's very simple. You can even put it in a picture: the brand visor. These are four values ​​and what they form together: the brand essence.

It describes who we are. Or better: want to be. It's our ambition, something we are working towards. A little bit better everyday. And you can help, too. Because you can think of and do things that make Coolblue better. It can be something small. A banner with an easter egg. A tempting job offer text. Being the only one to include that crazy product. Build a functionality that you think is cool. Don't just make a customer happy, make them very happy. All together, this is a great deal of change and improvement. But while everything changes, our values ​​always stay the same.

Simply amaze
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