Our culture

Actually, it's very easy.
Coolblue started out as a group of friends... and we're still a group of friends. But one of professionals with an obsessive focus on customer satisfaction That attracts ambitious, enterprising people. We welcome many new colleagues every year. One thing becomes very important: for everyone to embrace our culture, understand our business and carry out our concept. Simply amaze. Based on 4 core values: unconventional, friends, flexible and go for it.
Flexible Dare to change.

Coolblue is constantly changing. Sometimes because we can, sometimes because we have to. We are one of the fastest-growing companies in the Benelux Union, in one of the fastest-growing markets. This demands a lot from our employees, business partners, systems, and processes. That's why flexibility is our second nature.

We're critical thinkers, and we always want more. We measure, we experiment, we draw thorough conclusions Everyone's got a wish list, and everyone can list 10 things that really have to change right now.

Go for it
Coolblue culture flexible
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