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EcoTank ET-3750
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Review score 3.2 out of 5 stars
3.2 / 5 stars

“for what you get overpriced”

fregatte |
  • Pros:
    size, item is compact
  • Pros:
    proper print quality
  • Pros:
    huge ink capacity (low cost per page)
  • Con:
    small and no touch display
  • Con:
    slow and no duplex scanning
  • Con:
    more home than business feeling
  • Con:
    price / value
The item in general is not bad, but you are paying a high price beforehand for getting lower costs per page. Everybody should calculate if this makes sense according his personal printing needs / printing quantity. The scanning unit has more a feeling of a way cheaper home printer; quite slow and just simplex. Anybody scanning a lot might choose another printer. I comparison to other printers on the market I personally would choose the Canon Maxify (which I have at a second place and can compare). It is way cheaper, has a great duplex scanning unit and a touch panel.
I bought this item within the Epson promotion time frame on Jan 2019 and I am still waiting for the refund (I asked already two times at Epson, so far no answer). If acompany is pushing their products with promotions the process of the promotion should run without hazzle for a customer. Othrwise there remains a bad feeling.

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