Sunred Sirius Black Hanging - LED light + remote

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Sunred Sirius Black
Sunred Sirius Black Hanging - LED light + remote
Black - With remote
Sunred Sirius Silver Hanging
Sunred Sirius Silver (2 units)
Silver - 2 units
Sunred Sirius Silver (3 units)
Silver - 3 units
Sunred Sirius 2100 Standing
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Coolblue's Choice

This product is our choice for a ceiling heater for an open patio with roof.
Coolblue's Choice

Key specs

Heat source
Mounting surface
Type of heating element
Heating range
19 m2
Usage costs per hour
0,46 euro

Pros and cons

According to our patio heater expert
  • Pros:
    This patio heater loses virtually no heat due to wind.
  • Pros:
    The patio heater has 3 settings to adjust the heat intensity to your own liking.
  • Pros:
    You can adjust the patio heater's heat intensity from the comfort of your chair using the included remote.
  • Con:
    The patio heater emits a relatively large amount of light during heating.
Product Expert patio heaters

The user-friendliness of the Sunred Sirius Black Hanging - LED light + remote is increased with the included remote (note: batteries aren't included). Thanks to the remote, you no longer have to get up from your garden chair to operate the electric patio heater. The lightweight patio heater is easy to hang on the ceiling and takes up little storage space. So you don't have to remove a heavy patio heater from the shed to simply enjoy the heat the heater gives off. With 3 temperature settings (900, 1200, and 2100 watts), you can determine the heat intensity yourself. On top of that, the wind has little influence on the heat intensity of this patio heater. Check out the manual to see where you can and can't hang the product.

Advice from our expert: to heat up enclosed and windy patios of at least 19m², you'll need 2 of these patio heaters.

A patio heater uses more power to start: peak power. A soft starter smoothes out this peak current, so it won't hit your power group too hard. This will prevent short circuiting. If a patio heater has multiple settings, use the lowest setting first for a lower peak power.

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    recommended by our expert

    Want to heat your whole patio? Get the second and third patio heater with a discount!

    2x Sunred Sirius Black Hanging - LED light + remote

    • Sunred Sirius Black Hanging - LED light + remote
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