Bosch SMU45GS01N / Built-in / Substructure / Niche height 81.5-87.5cm

Bosch SMU25AS00E:
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Bosch SMU25AS00E / Built-in / Under-counter / Niche height 81.5-87.5cm
Bosch SMU45GS01N / Built-in / Substructure / Niche height 81.5-87.5cm
Bosch SMU68IS00E / Built-in / Under-counter / Niche height 81.5-87.5cm
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Temporarily sold out
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Product information

Key specs

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81,5 - 87,5 cm
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Pros and cons

According to our dishwasher expert
  • Pros:
    The powerful inverter motor makes this dishwasher quieter, more energy efficient, and more durable.
  • Pros:
    The DosageAssist ensures an even distribution of your detergent, resulting in cleaner dishes.
  • Pros:
    The heat switcher prevents big fluctuations in temperature, so your delicate dishes won't crack.
  • Con:
    Doesn't have a special zone for cleaning dirty cookware and oven dishes.
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Note: every kitchen is different, so make sure to measure if this dishwasher will fit in your kitchen. Here you can read what you should consider when choosing the right dishwasher.

Your Bosch SMU45GS01N effortlessly cleans your dishes without using too much water or energy. This under-counter dishwasher is equipped with various techniques to help accomplish this. This dishwasher only uses the amount of water needed to do your dishes, adjusted to your load and how dirty the load is, for instance. It also adjusts the temperature and rinsing time accordingly. Are things taking too long? You can select the express program, allowing you to have clean dishes within one hour or press the VarioSpeedPlus button. This can reduce the rinsing time by up to 66%, allowing you to enjoy your clean dishes quickly.

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