Honeywell DC311NP2

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Key specs

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Pros and cons

According to our Doorbell expert
  • Pros:
    Set the melody of the doorbell according to your own wishes.
  • Pros:
    Thanks to the IP55 certification, you hang the door printer outside with peace of mind.
  • Con:
    The receiver isn't portable, which means you'll always be restricted to a fixed location in the house.
  • Con:
    The doorbell button isn't equipped with a name plate, so visitors won't immediately be able to tell whose door they're standing in front of.
Product Expert doorbells

The Honeywell DC311NP2 is a wireless doorbell with doorknob. Place the doorknob wirelessly (so with batteries) at the front door and plug the receiver into the wall socket. The receiver and doorknob are directly connected when they come out of the packaging. So it is only a matter of places and your new doorbell works. The range between the 2 elements is a maximum of 150 meters. So keep this in mind when placing the receiver. The receiver has 4 different melodies and a maximum sound level of 80 decibels. Hard enough to hear the doorbell at any place in the house.

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