Honeywell DC917NG

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Pros and cons

According to our Doorbell expert
  • Pros:
    Take the receiver to an area where it's difficult to hear your front door bell, such as the attic or garden.
  • Pros:
    Set your own doorbell melody.
  • Pros:
    Thanks to the light flashes, this doorbell is not only audible, but also visible.
  • Con:
    The doorbell button is not equipped with a name plate, so visitors won't directly know who's door they're standing in front of.
Product Expert doorbells

The Honeywell DC917NG is a wireless, portable doorbell with increased range, programmable ringtones, and a button. Place the receiver in any desired spot in your house. The only thing you need to bear in mind is the 200-meter range between the button and the receiver. Place the button next to the front door and use your new doorbell right away. You can set the melody yourself on the receiver. You can choose between 8 default melodies or your own sound, thanks to the MP3 function. When you want to relax completely, you can activate sleep mode on the receiver. This switches off the sound for a certain period of time. If a visitor does come by, you'll still be able to see them, thanks to the LED lighting. This is also useful when you can't hear the sound.

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