Logitech K375s Keyboard QWERTY

Pros and cons

  • Pros:
    With a wireless keyboard, you'll have more freedom of movement than with a wired keyboard.
  • Pros:
    The keyboard has an integrated rubber stand for a tablet or smartphone.
  • Con:
    The keyboard has no ergonomic design, so you may not be able to comfortably type on it for hours.

Description Logitech K375s Keyboard QWERTY

With the Logitech K375s Keyboard, you can type a report on your computer and with 1 press the button, you can switch to a message on your phone or tablet. This way, you can use a standard keyboard to type when using a device with a small screen. Simply put your tablet or smartphone in the included stand and connect to the keyboard via bluetooth. The stands's design still allows you to use the home button of your phone or tablet. Thanks to the rubber, anti-slip construction, the screen will stay securely in place in the stand and you won't be bothered by a moving screen. The keyboard is wireless thanks to the USB receiver and ahs a 10-meter range.

Note: only tablets and smartphones up to 10.5mm thick fit in the stand.

Included by default

  • Keyboard
  • Universal stand
  • AAA batteries (2x)
  • USB receiver
  • Manual

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Logitech K375s Keyboard QWERTY

Logitech K375s Keyboard QWERTY

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