Calor Fasteo SV6035C0

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Steam burst steam production 200 g/m 120 g/m
Ironing need Daily, small load of laundry, Weekly, small load of laundry Daily, big load of laundry, Daily, small load of laundry, Weekly, big load of laundry, Weekly, small load of laundry
Steam tip Yes No

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Key specs

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Steam generator
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200 g/m
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Pros and cons

According to our iron expert
  • Pros:
    The steam burst of 200 grams per minute quickly handles stubborn creases.
  • Pros:
    Limescale sticks to the limescale collector, which can be easily rinsed under the faucet.
  • Pros:
    Steam even reaches the point of the soleplate, which is particularly useful when ironing dress shirts.
  • Con:
    The water tank isn't detachable, so you have to refill the steam generator with a pitcher or run it under the faucet.
  • Con:
    The continuous steam production of 90 grams per minute is less powerful than that of other steam generators.
Product Expert Irons

The Calor Fasteo SV6035C0 is a compact steam generator with lots of steaming power. With a capacity of 2,200 watts, this steam generator heats up within 2 minutes and thanks to a steam pressure of no less than 5.2 bar, creases disappear without a trace. You can use the steam burst function to remove even the most stubborn creases. Thanks to the vertical steaming options, this steam generator is also perfect for quickly freshening your clothing. The removable lime cartridges prevent lime residue from settling in the water tank and potentially tarnishing your clothes.

Note: when buying a steam generator, it's important to take into account that a steam generator doesn't fit on a standard ironing board. If you're using a steam generator, you need to use an ironing board specifically designed for a steam generator.

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SV6035C0 - 1830006425
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2 years
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Carry-in warranty

General properties

Created with Sketch. Type of iron
Steam generator