Blaupunkt SA2900-R

Pros and cons

According to our alarm system expert
  • Pros:
    The sensors are battery powered and wireless, so you can position them wherever you want.
  • Pros:
    An app on your smartphone or tablet lets you see what's happening at home anytime and anywhere.
  • Pros:
    When the alarm system is triggered, you'll be notified via an app and/or email.
  • Con:
    You need a smartphone to make optimal use of the alarm system.
  • Con:
    SMS notifications are only available with the Blaupunkt premium account.

The Blaupunkt SA 2900-R is a wireless alarm system. Use the app on your smartphone (iOS and Android) or the control panel on the base unit to easily set up the system and turn it on and off. The set consists of a motion detector, magnet contact, remote control, and, of course, the control panel. Connect the control panel to AC power and position the wireless sensors in a suitable spot in your home. The sensors communicate wirelessly through an encrypted connection, which makes all communications extra secure and means they can't be copied by potential intruders. Do you want the alarm system to send out more notifications than just the one to your smartphone in case of a threat? It's also possible to have the alarm system registered at a security center. You can expand the alarm system to meet your own needs with a smoke detector, IP camera, and more magnet contacts, among others.

Included by default

  • Motion detector
  • Magnetic contact
  • Remote controls
  • Control panel
  • Manual

Recommended combinations

  • Recommended by the expert

    Place a magnetic contact near all your burglary-sensitive windows and doors, and secure your house optimally.

    Blaupunkt SA2900-R + 4x Magneetcontact

    € 665,- € 581,40
    10% discount on the accessories
    Delivered tomorrow
  • Blaupunkt SA2900-R + 6x Magneetcontact

    € 783,- € 680,52
    12% discount on the accessories
    Delivered tomorrow
  • Blaupunkt SA2900-R + 8x Magneetcontact

    € 901,- € 770,20
    15% discount on the accessories
    Delivered tomorrow

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