Corsair K68 RGB Cherry MX Red Gaming Keyboard AZERTY

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Key specs

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Pros and cons

According to our keyboard expert
  • Pros:
    The Cherry MX Red are considerably more sensitive than membrane keyboards, which provides an even higher reaction speed in competitive games.
  • Pros:
    Play comfortably and recude the chance of wrist injury, thanks to the removable wrist rest.
  • Pros:
    The keyboard is waterproof and dustproof (IP32), so that you can take it with you without worries.
  • Con:
    Contrary to Corsair's flagship models, the K68 doesn't have an aluminum finish.
Product Expert keyboards

Your keyboard is safe at any LAN party, with the spill-resistant and dustproof Corsair K68 RGB Cherry MX Red Gaming Keyboard. Its IP32 certification for dust and water resistance allow you to safely play in the limited space expected of a LAN party. No longer will a glass of liquid over your keyboard mean the end of the world. Don't compromise on advantage either, since you do have the sensitive red switches at your fingertips, as customary with Corsair. On top of that you get the necessary luxury features, such as per-key adjustable RGB lighting, a removable wrist rest, and comprehensive multimedia shortcuts, such as a volume dial.

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