DeWalt DCK623P3-QW Combo Set

Limited supply, order now
Limited supply, order now

Product information

Pros and cons

According to our combiset expert
  • Pros:
    This very extensive set is equipped with no less than 5 tools.
  • Pros:
    Thanks to the battery capacity of 5.0 Ah, you can work for longer periods of time with 1 full battery.
  • Pros:
    You can also use the 3 included DeWalt 18 batteries with other electric tools of the same brand and battery platform.
  • Con:
    Accessories aren't included.
Product Expert combisets

Cordless impact drill DCD796

  • Maximum torque: 70Nm and 15 torque settings
  • Drill capacity wood: 40 millimeter
  • Variable rotational speed

Impact screwdriver DCF887

  • Maximum torque: 205Nm
  • 3 Speeds
  • 3 LED lights

Angle grinder DCG405

  • 125-millimeter grinding disc
  • Electronic motor brake
  • Anti-kickback system

Reciprocating saw DCS367

  • Maximum saw depth: 300 millimeters
  • 4 saw blade positions
  • LED lighting

Circular saw DCS570

  • 184 millimeters saw blade
  • Continuously adjustable slant setting
  • Maximum saw depth: 64 millimeters

Work light DCL050

  • 2 light intensity levels
  • 9 positions

Included by default

  • 18-volt Cordless impact drill DCD796
  • 18-volt Impact screwdriver DCF887
  • 18-volt Angle grinder DCG405
  • 18-volt Reciprocating saw DCS367
  • 18-volt Circular saw DCS570
  • 18-volt LED Inspection light DCL050
  • Tough System case (2x)
  • 18-volt 5.0Ah Li-ion battery (3x)
  • Battery charger
  • Manuals

Recommended combination

DeWalt DCK623P3-QW Combo Set
DeWalt DCK623P3-QW Combo Set
Included accessories
Work glove
Work glove
Select alternative
Tape measure
Tape measure
Saw blade
Saw blade
Select alternative

With this recommended combination, you can be sure that everything goes well together.

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DeWalt DCK623P3-QW Combo Set

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  • 3-year advance payment for 99,90

DeWalt extra warranty

DeWalt extra warranty
Register your DeWalt machine within 4 weeks after buying it to receive 2 years of...
Register your DeWalt machine within 4 weeks after buying it to receive 2 years of extra warranty on top of DeWalt's standard warranty. This gives you a total of 3 years of warranty on your DeWalt product. View the promotional Terms and Conditions (PDF) for more information.

One battery for all your tools

One battery for all your tools
The DeWalt DCK623P3-QW Combo Set works on a battery that can be exchanged with other...
The DeWalt DCK623P3-QW Combo Set works on a battery that can be exchanged with other tools of the same brand and with the same battery platform. Handy! So you immediately have an extra battery on hand, or you may already have a suitable battery in your possession. Would you like to know more about the benefits of working with the same battery platform? Then read on to the advisory page .



Product number
Manufacturer code
2 years
Warranty type
Carry-in warranty

Physical properties combi set

Included by default
Battery/batteries, Manual, Storage case
Type DIYer

Power supply combi set

Power supply type
Required battery/battery voltage (device)
18 V
Type of battery
Specific battery
Part of battery platform
Battery platform
DeWalt XR 18V
Battery included
Number of batteries included
Battery/battery voltage
18 V
Battery/battery capacity
5 Ah

Samenstelling combiset

Samenstelling combiset
Cirkelzaag, Haakse slijper, Impact drill, Impact screwdriver, Reciprocating saw, Work lamp

Eigenschappen klopboormachine

Type boorkop klopboormachine
Quick release
Capaciteit boorhouder klopboormachine minimaal
1,5 mm
Capaciteit boorhouder klopboormachine maximaal
30 mm
Aantal mechanische versnellingen klopboormachine
Aantal koppelstanden klopboormachine
Maximale koppel harde schroefverbinding klopboormachine
70 Nm
Boorcapaciteit klopboormachine diameter in steen
13 mm
Boorcapaciteit klopboormachine diameter in hout
40 mm
Boorcapaciteit klopboormachine diameter in metaal
13 mm
Klopfunctie klopboormachine
Aantal slagen klopboormachine
34000 bpm
Klopboormachine te gebruiken voor
Drill in metal, Drill in plaster and soft stone, Drill in tiles and brick, Drill in wood, Screws
Verlichting klopboormachine
Gewicht klopboormachine
1,8 kg

Eigenschappen slagschroevendraaier

Type boorkop slagschroevendraaier
1/4" Zeskant
Aantal mechanische versnellingen slagschroevendraaier
Maximale koppel harde schroefverbinding slagschroevendraaier
205 Nm
Ingebouwde verlichting slagschroevendraaier
Gewicht slagschroevendraaier
1 kg

Eigenschappen haakse slijper

Diameter slijpschijf haakse slijper
125 mm
Schroefdraadas haakse slijper
Toerental haakse slijper
9000 rpm
Constant toerental haakse slijper
Softstart haakse slijper
Asblokkering haakse slijper
Vibration values angle grinder
4,4 m/s
Gewicht haakse slijper
1,75 kg

Eigenschappen reciprozaag

Number of strokes reciprocating saw
2900 bpm
Maximum cutting capacity reciprocating saw wood
300 mm
Maximum cutting capacity reciprocating saw metal
100 mm
Saw stroke length reciprocating saw
28,6 mm
Including saw blade reciprocating saw
Reciprocating saw weight
2,3 kg

Eigenschappen werklamp

Can be locked in number of positions
Work lamp weight
1,1 kg

This is the one

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