Eglo Connect White and Color Fueva-C Spot 3 pcs White

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Only 1 left in stock, order now

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Key specs

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1080 lm

Pros and cons

According to our smart lamp expert
  • Pros:
    You connect up to 50 individual lamps together.
  • Pros:
    Use the timer function and your lights will go out slowly.
  • Pros:
    Use the lamps as a wake-up light via the sunrise function.
  • Con:
    You must always be connected to the lights via bluetooth with your smartphone to install them.
Product Expert smart lamps

Build the Eglo Connect White and Color Fueva-C Spot 3 White in your ceiling and provide every desired space of 16 million colors and 50,000 shades of white. Download the app and set up your own weekly program. This will automatically switch the spot on and off at the times you have set. It is also possible to set scenes. So you have the right atmosphere at home at any time of the day. Operating the spots is via bluetooth. This means you do not need an extra bridge to control the lights. Make sure you have to be at home to set the lights. Your smartphone has to be connected to bluetooth. The lamps are compatible with smartphones from version: Apple iPhone version 4S, iPad (3rd gen.), iPod Touch (5th gen.), iPad Mini, Android version 4.3 and bluetooth 4.0 / Smart Ready ESMLm-C13g-E27 .

Included by default

  • Manual

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Eglo Connect White and Color Fueva-C Spot 3 pcs White

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