ETNA VW345ZIL / Built-in / Fully integrated / Niche height 82 - 88cm

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Product information

Key specs

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Created with Sketch. Front panel
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Fully integrated
Created with Sketch. Niche height
82 - 88 cm
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64,7 - 71,7 cm

Pros and cons

According to our dishwasher expert
  • Pros:
    With room for 15 place settings, this dishwasher is more spacious than similar models.
  • Pros:
    Your glassware will come out of the dishwasher undamaged thanks to the delicate program.
  • Con:
    Doesn't have an extra-silent night cycle to do the dishes at a low noise level.
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Note: Every kitchen is different, so make sure to measure if this dishwasher will fit in your kitchen. Here, you can read what you should consider when choosing the right dishwasher.

With room for 15 place settings, the ETNA VW345ZIL dishwasher is suitable for large households as you can clean a lot of dishes in 1 go. Can't always fill up the dishwasher in its entirety? Start the dishwasher with the half load function turned on to prevent unnecessarily wasting a lot of water. Energy-efficient, the way we like it. The upper basket has a maximum diameter of 30 centimeters, so you have more than enough room for your wine glasses. If you select the delicate program, the dishwasher gently cleans your glasses. Does someone in your household have allergies? If so, the anti-bacterial cycle cleans your dishes extra thoroughly, making sure all allergens are gone. This cycle is also suitable for cleaning baby bottles.

Included by default

  • Manual
  • Inlet hose
  • Drain hose
  • Salt funnel
  • Installation material
  • Protection strip
  • Wine glass holder

Recommended combination

ETNA VW345ZIL / Built-in / Fully integrated / Niche height 82 - 88cm
ETNA VW345ZIL / Built-in / Fully integrated / Niche height 82 - 88cm
Included accessories
Wine holder
Wine holder
Select alternative
Descaler for washing machines and dishwashers
Descaler for washing machines and dishwashers
Select alternative

With this recommended combination, you can be sure that everything goes well together.

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