Calor Express Anti-Calc SV8055C0

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Key specs

Created with Sketch. Type of iron
Steam generator
Created with Sketch. Anti-limescale system
Limescale collector
Created with Sketch. Steam burst steam production
410 g/m
Created with Sketch. Auto shut-off
Created with Sketch. Can be refilled during use

Pros and cons

According to our iron expert
  • Pros:
    The steam burst of 410 grams per minute quickly deals with stubborn creases.
  • Pros:
    With a steam pressure of 6.5 bar, you'll be done in no time.
  • Pros:
    The temperature and steam settings are automatically adjusted, letting you iron multiple types of fabric in a row.
  • Con:
    The steam doesn't reach the tip of the soleplate, contrary to similar models.
  • Con:
    You can't refill the water tank during use, so you'll have to temporarily stop ironing.
Product Expert Irons

The Calor Express Anti-Calc SV8055C0 not only makes ironing an easy chore, but a quick one as well. This steam generator is quickly ready for use, you don't need to adjust the temperature or steam output since it happens automatically, and the powerful steam burst of 410 grams per minute lets you iron out any crease. You can effortlessly iron multiple types of fabric in a row, since you don't need to adjust the temperature. The limescale collector collects all the limescale from the water. After a while, the anti-limescale light will burn, which means it's time to empty and rinse the limescale collector.

Note: when you buy a steam generator, it's important to consider the fact that a steam generator doesn't fit on a regular ironing board. If you use a steam generator, you'll need an ironing board that's specially suitable for ironing with a steam generator.

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