Philips 2200 EP2224 / 19

Coolblue's Choice

Our choice for a basic fully-automatic coffee machine

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Philips 2200 EP2224 / 19
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Product information

Coolblue's Choice

This product is our choice for a basic fully-automatic coffee machine.
Coolblue's Choice

Key specs

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Manually with steam wand
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Steam wand
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Medium effort
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Pros and cons

According to our fully automatic espresso machine expert
  • Pros:
    Save your coffee recipes by adjusting the strength and amount.
  • Pros:
    Use the hot water function to pre-heat your cup so that an espresso doesn't cool down as quickly.
  • Pros:
    You can also easily make a decaf coffee, thanks to the separate compartment for ground coffee.
  • Con:
    You froth milk manually with the steam wand; as a result, a cappuccino takes more time and effort to make.
  • Con:
    The maintenance takes more effort compared to other fully automatic coffee machines.
Product Expert fully automatic espresso machines


With the Philips 2200 EP2224 / 19 you can make an espresso or regular cup of coffee at the touch of a button. For example, coffee from freshly ground beans is available for you at any time of the day. Do you want to enjoy your visit? Then you quickly make 2 cups of coffee at a time. You can operate the machine very easily via the display. Switch on the steam function if you want to froth milk for a cappuccino. For this you put cold milk in a jug that you keep under the steam pipe. The machine automatically indicates when you need to descale it and guides you through this. But thanks to the Aquaclean water filter this will not happen often. This is because the water filter largely prevents the formation of scale deposits.

Included by default

  • Manual (1.35 MB)
  • AquaClean water filter (2 pieces)
  • Lubricant brew group
  • Coffee scoop
  • Test strip for water hardness

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