Netatmo Presence Smart Outdoor Camera Duo Pack

Netatmo Presence

Duo Pack
Netatmo Presence Smart Outdoor Camera
Netatmo Presence Smart Outdoor Camera Duo Pack
Netatmo Presence Smart Outdoor Camera with Siren
496,- 486,-
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496,- 486,-
Delivered tomorrow

Product information

Pros and cons

According to our IP camera expert
  • The Netatmo Presence recognizes the difference between animals, people, and cars and indicates this in the app.
  • Thanks to the included SD card, you can store footage directly.
  • The cameras have infrared lighting to record up to 20 meters in the dark.
  • This camera doesn't have integrated speakers to allow you to talk back remotely.
  • You need a good WiFi signal where you're installing the camera; create a strong WiFi network near your camera with a WiFi extender.
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Product description

This Netatmo Presence Smart Outdoor Camera Duo Pack contains 2 WiFi cameras for outdoors which allow you to guard your home when you're not at home. The cameras recognize the difference between people, animals, and cars. This allows you to set different actions for the built-in light and linked devices, such as the smart thermostat or automatic garage motor. With the free app, you can watch remotely. So you'll always know what's going on. The cameras automatically save a screenshot of each event on the included memory card. You can view these images later via the app or your computer.

Included by default

  • Manual (1.82 MB)
  • Mounting kit
  • 16GB microSD card

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Tips for using this product

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Most helpful reviews

5 / 5 stars

not waterproof, big unfortunately

  • Very easy to install
  • Simple to use
  • Not waterproof!

Very easy to use and a nice camera. At night, however, the image is better without lighting than with .. the camera returned despite the easy use because it is not waterproof, the back is with ribs due to cooling and water does get in here. After the first rainstorm, failure because the sd card had become wet. Ideal camera if it can be hung under a canopy.

  • Erik
  • 14 August 2017
  • Netatmo Presence: Single Pack
  • Automatically translated from Dutch
2.5 / 5 stars

Do not buy! There are surveillance cameras, which are a lot

  • Easy to install.
  • Good view in good weather
  • Make sure the camera can get splash proof, otherwise the camera won't work

My experience is that this product is expensive, often gives error messages. Display is usually black after rain showers.

  • Rdg-support
  • 8 December 2018
  • Netatmo Presence: Single Pack
  • Automatically translated from Dutch
4 / 5 stars

No local streaming (must be via cloud). Good product.

  • easy to connect
  • API support
  • Not possible to stream locally

Mounting in the open air requires additional measures in the form of sealant sealing. In terms of connection, this is more suitable for indoor installation or under a shelter. Apparently it's not possible to stream directly locally at this time. Not sure if that will be available. Because I want to use this for the front door surveillance, it is very disturbing that the image is visible in the app with an approx. 4 seconds delay because this goes through the cloud. Interestingly, there is an open (cloud) API, which allows developers to experiment with developing their own services based on this API. I can't judge whether this is very useful, but it's quite interesting for learning and vermaeck.

  • Hans feringa
  • 4 March 2017
  • Netatmo Presence: Single Pack
  • Automatically translated from Dutch
2 / 5 stars

Works for a day, then broken and no support

  • As long as the camera works, it's a good product
  • After a day, the camera cuts out and can only be started again with great difficulty

Very disappointing for such an expensive product. Works for a while and then gives up. Help desk not reachable. One of the tips for troubleshooting is to simplify your password. Absurd.

  • Martijn
  • 2 April 2020
  • Netatmo Presence: Single Pack
  • Automatically translated from Dutch
5 / 5 stars

Best price/quality device on the market!

  • Image quality in full hd (1080p) = razor sharp
  • Built-in powerful floodlight
  • Strong WiFi needed (no problem here though)

Tried with one first. Bought a second camera a few weeks later.. Top device with an excellent price-quality ratio! Very clear image, even at night (infrared and/or floodlight). Also let the ambient sounds be heard clearly Records permanently in 360p, but only records when motion is detected. He does this in full hd (1080p). Via the handy app (or via web browser) it is also possible to watch live - whether or not permanently. The spot can be adjusted in brightness and can also be set up manually via the app. This app is also very user-friendly. I did a lot of research and in the end my choice was between the Arlo Pro from Netgear or the Natatmo Presence. I'm happy with the choice of the latter!

  • Geert janssens
  • 6 December 2018
  • Netatmo Presence: Single Pack
  • Automatically translated from Dutch
5 / 5 stars

A recommendation for everyone

  • Sharp image (also sufficient at night)
  • Beautiful design
  • Does not work with Synology Surveillance Station

I've been using it for a week now and the performance of the camera (image quality, the app, the installation, ease of use) is good and to full satisfaction. I also bought a NAS with a 2GB HDD to store the images. I wanted to use this camera in combination with the Surveillance Station app on the NAS, but unfortunately the Netatmo camera is not compatible with it. The accompanying app from Netatmo camera is also a great alternative and does/can do what I want with it. Linking the Synology NAS to the Netatmo camera was also quite easy, although I think some technical knowledge is needed to get it done. If you don't want to connect a NAS, it can also be done in the cloud or on the standard built-in MicroSD card. In short: for average/private use a more than fine and stylish IP camera for outside on the facade, which I can heartily recommend to everyone (despite the high price).

  • Roel van beurden
  • 1 August 2017
  • Netatmo Presence: Single Pack
  • Automatically translated from Dutch
3 / 5 stars

SD card continuously reports that it is defective.

  • Gives a lot of light when it does.
  • Not waterproof. Camera cuts out in rain.

Bad buy of the month

  • Rita
  • 12 May 2021
  • Netatmo Presence: Single Pack
  • Automatically translated from Dutch
4.5 / 5 stars

Nice device for a good price

  • Image and light are good
  • Sound is above expectations
  • Slot for SD card not easy to find

The lamp provides good light and responds well to movement. You can set the detection frame so that you avoid unnecessary notifications. The sound is unexpectedly good and the picture is also very clear. The manual can be improved.

  • Richard
  • 22 December 2016
  • Netatmo Presence: Single Pack
  • Automatically translated from Dutch
5 / 5 stars

Simply good

  • Price quality is definitely recommended
  • Has a good software
  • The night vision is good but 20 meters far I wonder about that

It is a device without fuss and in its price range certainly does what it is supposed to do with great ease of use.

  • Benny mourisse
  • 1 August 2017
  • Netatmo Presence: Single Pack
  • Automatically translated from Dutch
3.5 / 5 stars

Nice modern camera

  • Snapshots
  • FTP - Cloud Capabilities
  • WIFI must be strong signal

Modern sleek camera that at first sight is a lamp which was important to us. Lighting is really worth it, a lot of light. Installation is not easy if your WiFi signal is not super strong, we had to add a new WiFi access point. Speedtest below 10mbs then you still have problems. Mounting the camera depends a lot on your dexterity, it is a bit of a mess the first time. Second camera went a lot faster. Alert zones are really handy to set up, if you had to film a part of the street, you don't want to get a notification from a car every time. The free sync with FTP makes the more expensive entry price still interesting. Other cameras require you to take out a subscription, which means you quickly earned back this additional cost. Sound recording isn't great but you take that with you. Netatmo's support desk is sad, waiting at least 48 hours for a response and only by mail.

  • Michiel lucas
  • 30 October 2017
  • Netatmo Presence: Single Pack
  • Automatically translated from Dutch



Product number
Manufacturer code
2 years
Processing of your defect
Via Coolblue

Image properties

Video resolution width
1920 pixels
Video resolution height
1080 pixels
Type of image definition support
Full HD (1080p)
Image quality according to customers
Zoom (IPcam)
Digital zoom
Vertical viewing angle
100 °
Horizontal viewing angle
100 °
Frames per second
30 fps
Lens diameter
0,1 m

Camera options

Number of cameras
IP camera type
HD camera, Night camera, Outdoor camera, WiFi camera
Usage location
Alarm system needed for use
Subscription needed for full use
Motion detection sensor
Infrared lighting
Infrared light range
20 m
Infrared motion sensor
Suitable for placement behind glass
Dynamic DNS client
Talkback function
Integrated microphone
Review happening
Number of seconds to review happening
0 s

Other properties

Power supply type
Grid current
Battery (power source)
Storage options
Cloud, SD card
SD card slot
Type of SD card
Number of days you can view for free
0 d
Installation ease according to customers
Integrated WiFi
PoE support
UPnP AV support
ONVIF certified
PSIA certified
Compatible with operating system
Android, iOS

Physical properties

5 cm
11 cm
20 cm
1200 g
Mounting possible
Water resistance
Splash proof
Waterproofness certification
Not certified
Power supply type
Grid current

Smart Home options

Controlled via app
Controlled via Android app
Controlled via Apple app
Controlled via Windows app
Compatible with smartphone / apps
Smart home platform
Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, Homey

Privacy and security properties

Internet connection required
Manufacturer account required
Multi-factor authentication
Log in with fingerprint on your phone
Log in with Face ID on your phone
Usage possible without cloud environment manufacturer
Support for future updates
Personal information required
Type of information required
Personal information, Usage information

Introduction year and updates

Guaranteed support with updates

This is the one

Netatmo Presence Smart Outdoor Camera Duo Pack
Netatmo Presence Smart Outdoor Camera Duo Pack