Google Nest WiFi White 4-pack Multi-room WiFi

Version: AC2200 | 4

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According to our Router expert
  • Protect your children from harmful websites with parental controls.
  • The multi-room system supports MU-MIMO, which ensures a more stable wireless connection.
  • Thanks to the integrated voice assistant in the expansion, you can control your smart home devices with your voice.
  • To achieve the highest available speed of this router, connected devices must support 5GHz.
  • The expansion has a lower WiFi speed than the main station, which lowers your maximum speed.
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With the Google Nest WiFi White 4-pack, you provide a large house with multiple floors or a larger apartment with WiFi. This multi-room WiFi system is smart as well. It doesn't just provide a super fast WiFi connection, but it also has Google Assistant built into every station. Connect smart devices to this system and control them with your voice. For example, you can turn your smart lights on or turn up the smart thermostat by talking to your router. Thanks to the high maximum speed, the system is suitable for the fastest internet connections. Streaming series in 4K or playing games isn't a problem. Even when a lot of devices are connected to your wireless network. Is the coverage not enough? You can expand the Google Nest WiFi up to 6 stations.

Included by default

Google Nest WiFi White Duo Pack Multi-room WiFi

  • Manual (784.17 KB)
  • Network cable (2 meters)
  • AC adapter (2x)

Google Nest Wifi Wit Uitbreiding

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Google Nest WiFi White 4-pack Multi-room WiFi
Google Nest WiFi White 4-pack Multi-room WiFi
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Most helpful reviews

  • 5 / 5 stars
    Great device for all your wifi problems!

    martijn van neerven van neerven | 12 May 2020 | In the version: AC2200 | 2 | Automatically translated from Dutch

    • Installation
    • design
    • Range
    • Price
    • No LAN port on extra point
    • Wi-Fi 6

    Let's start with my current Platinum 7840 router that I got from the provider is not performing well in terms of range. Downstairs neat, but as soon as I'm upstairs it collapses and I don't even get 10Mbit. (Package 250/250Mbit).
    Because my whole house is (smart) with a Nest doorbell, Nest thermostat, Nest Hub + number of Nest minis, my choice was quickly made to go for Nest wifi + 1 point.

    This was mainly the choice because installation (for all products) is very easy.

    Picked up the Nest Wifi today