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Review score 4.5 van de 5 sterren
4.5 / 5 sterren

“Adem vrij...”

Carl Peeters |
  • Pluspunt:
    Verwijdert onaangename geuren
  • Pluspunt:
    Neemt allergenen op
  • Pluspunt:
    Vermindert stof in huis
  • Pluspunt:
    Zeer stil in nachtmodus.
  • Pluspunt:
    Filter levensduur
  • Minpunt:
    Iets te zwaar en groot om als mobiele unit door te gaan.
Aanzienlijk minder last van astmatische luchtwegen en allergische reacties. Gevoelig minder stof en allergenen in de lucht.

Review score 5 van de 5 sterren
5 / 5 sterren

“I never knew an air filter could make such a difference”

Impressed Air Filter User |
  • Pluspunt:
  • Pluspunt:
    Shifts large amounts of air
  • Pluspunt:
  • Pluspunt:
    Sleek design
  • Pluspunt:
    Dimmable LEDs
  • Minpunt:
    LEDs cannot be completely dimmed
I suffer from allergies to pollen and have breathing problems. Consequently, it seemed like a good idea to get an air filter. I owned an air filter years ago and found them beneficial, but they never fully cleared the air, so my expectations were positive but not too high. I was extremely happy when I received the NK305 - it looks extremely well-designed and sleek, with a futuristic appearance and yet fitting in well to the rest of the home. When placing it on for the first time, the LED went red - indicating poor air quality - and switched to high. Within 30 minutes or so, the LED went blue - showing that the air was of a good-quality now! There were initially some problems with the scheduling on the device, and so contacted customer service, who were incredible - really professional and helpful. I now have an air filter that runs automatically at scheduled times throughout the day, and that I can even switch on from the train on the way home! My breathing has gotten so much better with the filter protecting me over night and keeping the air in the house all clean with the HEPA filter and charcoal filter for VOCs. The only possible downside is that the LEDs cannot be fully switched off at night, so there is still some residual blue light in the bedroom at night (the machine is smart enough to go into sleep mode automatically when the bedroom light is turned off, turning off the main LED and dimming the other LEDs - I am maybe just a bit sensitive to the very low-level excess light). I love the filter so much, I now have two to protect the entire home! An excellent device, it comes most highly recommended, I never knew that an air filter could make such a difference.

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