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  • 4 / 5 sterren

    “klein, handzaam, veel mogelijkheden”

    Vincent de Jong | | In de samenstelling: Body + 15-45mm
    • Pluspunt:
      handzaam kleine camera
    • Pluspunt:
      mogelijkheid meerdere lenzen
    • Minpunt:
      geen viewfinder
    • Minpunt:
      aparte viewfinder erg duur
    heb m nog niet heel veel gebruikt maar zocht een vervanging voor mn canon350D (ouwe bak) waar ik nette productfoto;s voor m'n webshop kan nemen. Ook filmpjes met productuitleg.
  • 4,5 / 5 sterren

    “good for general use and for some semi-professional tasks”

    matovka | | In de samenstelling: Body
    • Pluspunt:
      size and weight
    • Pluspunt:
      picture quality
    • Pluspunt:
      display - size, its flexibility
    • Minpunt:
      with the reduction for EF and EF-S lens, focusing is very slow
    • Minpunt:
      set lens is very dark
    • Minpunt:
      can't really do continuous shooting
    I usually use Canon EOS 5D Mk III and was searching for a reserve body which would be smaller, would do a good job and some simpler things could be photographed with it. I usually photograph events, concerts, reportage, documentary, portraits and photographs in stores for their websites (still-lifes, views of space). I bought the camera as a kit with 18-55 lens about two weeks ago and I'm using it almost every second or third day since that.

    What's great is that with the reduction ring, one can use EF and EF-S lens. The crop factor of 1,6 proved to be great especially for photographing concerts. Pictures are of high quality even at ISO 12800. The grain is still acceptable, the dynamic range is also comparable to DSLR. I photograph only into RAW format, so I can't speak of any JPEG conversion of the camera-built software.

    What feels very intuitive in the age of smartphones is also the possibility to move the focusing area on the touchscreen, or photographing simply by tapping the screen.

    The size is a great plus, not only for the photographer who can have a rest from the big DSLR, but also for the eventual subjects which feel more relaxed with the small camera.

    However, the shutter is louder than the silent shutter at Mk III, similarly loud to the MK III standard volume.

    There is nothing like continuous photographing on this camera. If you press the shutter, in order to take quickly the next picture you have to press the shutter once again. This comes altogether to something under one second, which is not very fast - one has to think analogue again before taking the picture :)

    The design is inspired by analogue cameras. For that, I would enjoy if the set lens would have the distance written on the manual focus ring - with manual focusing, it might be sometimes difficult to tell from the screen if you focused on your object correctly. That will require more practice.

    To have it as a second body, it is great for photographing things which do not require high speeds - lifestyle, portraits. For photographing fast things, one has to bear in mind there's no continuous shooting mode and therefore think of 'decisive moments' before pressing the release button.
  • 4 / 5 sterren

    “Goed voor reizen”

    Ovidiu Moldovan | | In de samenstelling: Body
    • Pluspunt:
    Ik wilde een klein toestel en dat krijg ik. Ik vind het makkelijk te gebreuiken.
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