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  • 3,5 / 5 sterren

    “Good, but not for wear geeks”

    Eeliya Rasta | | In de uitvoering: Blauw/Leer
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      Screen quality
    • Minpunt:
      Slow charging
    If you are a person who is looking for a balance between style and functionality, then this watch is for you.

    Coming from LG G Watch, the battery life and performance is very good.

    I don't like the screen at all. I don't know why would fossil use such a mediocre screen with such a stylish watch. The screen is not OLED and the back light is very bright, so bright that you can see it glows at night which I personally don't find attractive.

    All and all its a OK watch. If you just want to read your notification, control your music and do some basic health activities then this watch does more than enough specially if you want something stylish.
  • 1 / 5 sterren

    “Prima ja hoor”

    Hasib Sultani | | In de uitvoering: Zilver
    Ja is goed