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  • 4,5 / 5 sterren

    “Just try it!”

    Eduardo Quintino de Souza | | Voor de cameramerken: Nikon
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    • Pluspunt:
      Fast AF, didn't try on Continuous mode
    • Minpunt:
      OS could be a bit better
    Bought this lens Sunday, took a few pics in the afternoon and I'm very happy with it, I'm also buying the USB Dock to fix a bit the OS, just a bit shaky on the 400mm end. Anyway this lens is fantastic for the price! I don't like tripods, only for long exposures!
    The photo bellow is taken handheld with my Nikon d7200 / 400mm / 1/3200 / ISO 200 with OS on. Pigeon was on the top of my building over 20m high. I cropped just a bit of the photo and of course this photo bellow is not an original, that was too big to upload.
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    “Leuke en lang op gewachte toevoeging”

    k*** Verh****** | | Voor de cameramerken: Canon
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      Prijs/zoom (max 400)
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      Min 100 zoom; lager zou beter zijn