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Asus Prime B350M-A

Plus- en minpunten

Volgens onze moederbordspecialist
  • Pluspunt:
    Dankzij de versterkte PCIe en DIMM sloten, plaats je nieuwe componenten zonder dat het moederbord meebuigt.
  • Pluspunt:
    De Asus software synchroniseert de verlichting met je Asus videokaart en randapparatuur.
  • Minpunt:
    Het moederbord heeft geen ingebouwde wifi om je computer draadloos met je netwerk te verbinden.
Productspecialist moederborden

De Asus Prime B350-A is een verlicht ATX moederbord met een Socket AM4 en beschikt over de AMD B350 chipset. Laat de B350-A opvallen dankzij de ledverlichting.

Standaard meegeleverd

  • I/O Shield
  • SATA 6 Gb/s kabels (2x)
  • M.2 schroevenset
  • Dvd met software
  • Handleiding


Meest behulpzame review

Review score 3 van de 5 sterren
3 / 5 sterren
  • Pluspunt:
    Good value
  • Minpunt:
    Only 1 fan connector
  • Minpunt:
    No heat-sink
  • Minpunt:
    PCI layout

It's a decent motherboard for the price, but it's far from perfect and it doesn't feel like a real Asus board. Besides the BIOS/UEFI issues regarding the new Ryzen platform and RAM compatibility, the board has some limitations that could be problematic for some users. - Only 1 fan connector (besides the CPU cooler connector): so if your case doesn't have a fan control unit and you want to use more than 1 case fan, you will have to buy a hub. - No heat sink: at this price range it might be asking too much, but some similar priced MSI boards have it. - PCI layout: if your VGA is too big, it might forbid you to use one of the other PCI. - High speed RAM support: This is more specific to my use case, but with the current UEFI version I'm not able to hit the 3200mHz advertised. This situation might improve later on, but currently it is a deal breaker for me since the Ryzen platform makes a better use of high speed RAM. Therefore, take a look at other boards before deciding for this one and be aware of its limitations.



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