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How do I set up my SumUp Air?

With a mobile PIN device from SumUp, you can easily receive pin payments from customers on location. You need a smartphone or tablet with the SumUp App to use your SumUp Air. Here, we'll explain how can connect your mobile PIN device to your smartphone or tablet in 3 steps.

Installing a mobile PIN device in 3 steps

Follow these steps to quickly and easily connect your SumUp Air to your smartphone or tablet.

Step 1: Download the app

Step 2: log in or create a new account

Step 3: connect your device via Bluetooth synchronized.

Step 1: Install the SumUp App

Installing the SumUp Air mobile PIN device

Download the SumUp App from the Play Store (Android) or the App Store (Apple) and open the app.

Step 2: log in or create an account

Creating a SumUp Air account

Log in with your existing account or enter your personal and business information to create a new account.

Step 3: connect via Bluetooth

Connecting SumUp Air via Bluetooth

Make sure Bluetooth is switched on on your smartphone. In the SumUp App menu, go to Choose card reader. There you'll see your new SumUp Air. The displayed 3-digit code corresponds to the serial number on the back of your SumUp Air. Press Connect to pair your devices. Pairing can take up to 2 minutes, after which you'll be ready to collect payments.

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