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We want to make placing an order as easy as possible for you as one of our B2B clients. That's why we offer a few other options. In addition to ordering from our website, corporate clients can also request quoted, order via purchase orders and can purchase purchase on account both offline and online.

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Is the order total over € 1000 or would you like to order 3 or more products? We're happy to make you a quote. Do you agree with our quote? We like seeing it in writing.

We understand that as a company you would like to order on account and we're happy to accommodate you. We want to make sure everything goes smoothly. That's why only companies that have been registered at the Chamber of Commerce for over a year are legible for this deal. Also, we always do a financial background check.

Super fast service

No one likes waiting. That's why we will never make you wait a long time and you will always receive a quote the same day you request it. Your order will be delivered to your office tomorrow, or even today.

Own account manager

Sounds fancy, is mostly just really easy. Every B2B client has their own account managers, who is aware of your business situation.

Discount options

We like making a tailored quote. We offer product advice that suits your company and your wishes. A price that lowers the more you order. Request a quote directly with your account manager. In many cases, you will get a good deal on the phone, besides some fitting advice. We can also add a reference to the quote. Makes administration much easier.

Pay afterwards

As a company, you have the possibility to pay afterwards. Just as easy. Does your company comply to the terms and have you been awarded credit? Orders can be put on your account. You can do so by calling or emailing your account manager, or use the website.

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